CatAt Narberth Animal Hospital we believe a healthy pet is a happy one. Early detection and prevention of minor maladies can lead to prevention of major health problems for your pet for many years. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy life with your animal as long as you possibly can. That's why we do preventatlive tests in house so we can provide you with faster results and timely treatment for your animal. When we do our check ups we check for life shortening conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease. We also provide weight loss diets to help prevent heart disease and joint problems.

We know that heartworm, fleas and ticks are common in the Delaware Valley and our comprehensive preventative approach to these common parasites will keep your pet vigorous and in good physical shape. As your animal ages, senior pets need more extensive and frequent risk assessment visitations so when your pet gets "long in the tooth" we recommend increased exercise routines and daily teeth brushing. We also practice in skin disease prevention identification and treatment. However, when the ravages of time finally catch up to your pet, we practice safe and extensive pain management to keep your animal comfortable after surgery and we provide pain relief for arthritis, cancer patients and other forms of chronic pain. No matter the age, we will keep your pet comfortable after all surgeries and offer nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements to treat the whole patient.