Narberth Animal Hospital offers housing with large indoor cages and runs as well as outdoor runs. There is a separate wing for cats and exotics. We board exotics such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles and birds. Since the exotics require special cages and diets; it is highly recommended to bring your own cage and any diet/food/treat.

Exercise in outdoor runs and play area is provided twice daily at the minimum; often 4 times per day. Extra individual attention - such as playtime, brushing - can also be requested. Special care/attention is provided for puppies, kittens, older pets and those with special needs.

Our loyal and dedicated staff is fully trained so that they provide the best care and treatment of your pet while here. If a problem should arise while your pet is at our facility our staff will bring it to the attention of the veterinarian. The veterinarian will examine your pet and treat the condition appropriately.

Medical procedures, grooming procedures, and elective procedures can be scheduled during your pet's stay.

For the protection and safety of your pet and others in our care, it is necessary that all animals are current on vaccinations and fecal analysis. Please bring a vaccination certificate or have it faxed to us.

DOGS: Must have current rabies, distemper, lepto and kennel cough vaccinations.

CATS: Must have current rabies and distemper vaccinations.

If these requirements are not met, they will be performed during your pet's stay.

All dogs and cats will be checked for fleas and weighed. Also, to ensure that the facility and your pet remain flea-free, upon arrival and on the day of discharge all dogs and cats receive a tablet that kills any fleas present on the animal. This tablet is effective for 24 hours and is safe with other medications and flea and tick preventives.

Premium maintenance (Hill's Science Diet} diets - both dry and canned - are provided. If your pet is on a prescription diet, please bring the diet with you. You may bring your own pet's food; this will decrease the possibility of diarrhea from an acute dietary change.

You may bring personal belongings - toys, blankets, beds - for a touch of home. We will do everything possible to care for those items, but we cannot guarantee their safe return.

If your pet is on any medication, please bring it with you (clearly labeled). Our trained staff will ensure that the medications/treatments are completed. If your pet has any other special needs, please feel free to discuss these with the receptionist or veterinarian before your visit.

We offer several incentives for our frequent boarders. For every 5 stays within one year's time, you will receive one night of boarding free of charge. For extended stays of 14 days or more, a 5 percent discount is taken off the boarding fees.

Please feel free to fill out the Boarding Agreement (completed at every stay) and the New Client Form (if necessary) in advance.