Narberth Animal Hospital is proud to offer at-home delivery of your pet's prescriptions. By clicking on the Pharmacy or VetStoreRx link, you may take advantage of the convenience of having your pet's prescription delivered right to your door. Using this service also allows our hospital to keep your pet's full prescription history linked to our records, so that we may provide your pet with the best possible care. Also available through the online pharmacy are many over-the-counter products as well as prescription diets excluding Hill's prescription diets. 

With easy accessibility to the internet and mail order companies, you may have thought about purchasing your pet's medicines from a supplier other than your veterinarian. There are several important risk factors you should consider before you decide to buy from another source.

-Your veterinarian knows your pet and your family as well as being familiar with your pet's specific health need and the environment where you live.

-Medications are usually dosed on a weight basis. Also your pet's current health condition may also alter the dosage.

-There are several medications that should not be administered until your veterinarian determines that it is safe for your pet to be given them.

-Many medications that are administered to dogs are not safe for cats (they can be fatal), and the reverse is also true.

-Many medications must be kept in a controlled environment or some need to be refrigerated. The medications that are shipped to your veterinarian are properly packaged and delivered under controlled temperatures so you do not have to worry about receiving "spoiled" medicines that were exposed to temperature extremes, sunlight, moisture, etc.

-Each animal is a different and unique individual. Some breeds and species have special needs or sensitivities that your veterinarian is aware of and he or she can select the product that is best suited for your pet.-Some medications require follow-up monitoring for adverse reactions or dosage adjustments.

-Medicines from these sources may be counterfeit and may not have been approved by the FDA or EPA.

-The manufacturer's warranties, guarantees or rebates for these products may not be valid.

In deciding where to purchase medicines for your pets, you need to balance any cost savings with the unique services and expertise you receive from your veterinarian.If you still wish to purchase your pet's medicines from other internet pharmacies or mail order companies, an Internet Pharmacy Waiver Form must be signed. We also urge you to read the FDA's article on purchasing pet drugs online. This can be located at 

Your pet's health and well-being as well as your satisfaction as an informed, valued pet owner Is one of our primary goals. Keep In mind that medicine prescribed and purchased through your veterinarian's office comes with the comfort of knowing that you and your pet are individuals and have distinct needs that can best be served by your veterinarian.